Whitworth Young Contemporaries workshop

“sounds like two robots having a conversation”

wpid-imag2191.jpgHow can you listen to artworks? Noise Orchestra visited Whitworth Young Contemporaries this week to work with the group to create electronic sounds inspired by the artworks at the Whitworth gallery in Manchester. We started off exploring the M+Sigg exhibition and looking at the exhibits for visual rythmns that could be interepreted as musical scores. From these drawings we made paper stencils or hand drawn illustrations and then the noise began! The group learnt how to use arduino circuitry to build light theremins that convert patterns and images into sounds. The group loved the rhythms we had a mini rave in the learning studio to the minimal techno sounds!

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Daily Herald Archive

IMAG1957Day one exploring the collections at the National Media Museum where we delved into the Daily Herald photographic archive to look through historical images under the category ‘Russia’. Some outstanding images of the Moscow Radio Control room; ‘the centre from which Moscow broadcast propaganda to England’, street listening posts for the public and one of the first ‘radio photos’ of a political rally clearly featuring Stalin and Trotsky. The newspaper description on the back of the photograph contains no reference or acknowledgement of Trotsky being present. The photo was dated ??? and would have been issued for release after Trotsky was expelled from the Communist party in 1927.

IMAG1968 IMAG1958