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Mellotron Recording

Had a great time in the archives of the media museum this morning with Lewis recording and improvising on the Mellotron housed there. According to the records accompanying this actual machine was used on soundtracking for Doctor Who episodes at somepoint in its history. Excellent to play a home grown and designed noise machine after our various encounters with Russian ones. Some recordings to follow.


Sound Recording National Media Museum Objects

Today Noise Orchestra worked in the archives at the National Media Museum to record the sounds of objects in the collections. Our selection was based on the potential noise making properties of each historical object. We were concentrating on mechanisms and movements; the clicks, whirrs and winds of the historical photographic and cinematographic pieces. These had to be operated and handled with extreme care and with the expert help of curator Toni Booth we were guided as to the correct way to handle and operate each item and the items were micced from a variety of positions in the stereo field With such a wide range of materials with items made from wood, metal and plastic the resonant and tonal properties we recorded were varied and told a story (through sound) of the changes of production and technology in these projection and photographic artifacts from the last 100 years.

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Here is a list of some of the items we recorded;

Technicolour Video Recorder (1970s)

Kinora Viewer (1912)

Brownie Six-16 Special Camera (1938)

Nintendo Game Pads (1983)

Olympus OM1 Camera (1972)

Bell Punch Co. LTS Time Counter

Williamson Cine camera (1914) + recording

Over the next few days we will be sampling these and using Ableton Push to play different sequences and spatial arrangements of these recordings.