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Working with samples and Ableton PUSH

We have been working with the museum object and the mellotron recordings we made a couple of weeks ago, creating samples and textures for our final performance. Sorting the clips into clicks, whirrs and mechanical noises has been an interesting production project to weave in amidst the synthesized drones we have created.

It was quite tricky to EQ the Mellotron recordings due to the amount of hiss on each track, this hiss was inate to each sample and was produced by the workings and mechanisms of the tapes within the machine itself.

These textures and samples will be played live at the final show using Push, an excellent instrument for live mixing and automation, we have had lots of fun rehearsing and building a variety of music ideas and rhythms. Here is a sample from one of our rehearsals

Final Show Visuals: Oscillators playing moving image

The visuals accompanying our noise performance on Saturday are coming together, the film collage contains footage from our Moscow trip and the objects from the Museum Collections that we have worked with over the residency. One key feature is the black and white section of the visuals; these high contrast and strobing visuals are designed to interact with specifically positioned oscillator circuits which react to changes in brightness on the film. This means that as well as controlling certain performance elements ourselves, there is also an element of automatic performance with the visuals interacting with the oscillators and playing themselves. Here are a couple of tasters of the film collage on this post.

Finishing up of oscillators

Finishing up enclosing the 3 Mozzi and NAND gate oscilators into this amazing old radio this afternoon in the studio at home. We’ll be rehearsing with this and the various other bits of kit we’ve been making in the museum Monday and Wednesday afternoons this week.




and here’s the latest finishing up of the original workshop arduino oscillators enclosures for half term week.