Berlin Focus Group: UDK sound students

UdkThe first element of our Berlin research trip was to undertake a focus group with Sound Studies Students at the Universität der Künst. Similar to the format we ran in Manchester we led a day of activity for the students:

Artist Talk and Innovate UK  R&D project background to Noise Machines

Workshop: Build a Noise Machine DIY Kit

User Testing: Machine prototypes

Feedback and evaluation

This was a good test to see the reaction of a different set of participants, the students were a mix of design, sound studies and fine art discipline areas and we discussed the ergonomics of the object, physicality of playing, controllable and chaotic elements to the machines, the group thought that having a specified light module would be a good way to link the machines together. It was the first time we had asked adults to make the DIY Kits, so it was interesting to determine how they found the skill level for beginners and mixed ability. The consensus was that the kits would make great presents/gifts as well as for educational purposes.  Big thanks to Daisuke Ishida for hosting and supporting us.

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