Sequencer & External IN Experiments

For the past few weeks I have been searching for new sounds, building low frequency sinusoidal drums, white noise generators and xor sounds. This is to respond to the focus group action point of looking at a wider variety of wave forms and methods of shaping them. Once I was happy with these three/four new sound sources I wanted to experiment rhythmically and began using the 4017 decade counter as a step sequencer to automate the beats. There are 9 possible output stages on the 4017, the output from each pin acts as a pulse that can activate other circuits that are patched in; to do this I needed to make individual ‘gate to trigger’ circuits for each step. Some of these gate to trigger set ups have a series of diodes meaning you can have multiple lines out to the 4017 so you can have more than one hit of each circuit/sound source. The sequencer has a clock for tempo but also an external clock in which I am going to experiment with for further disruption. The next extensions was to try to interface with external audio such as radios, laptops, cassette players, these devices need the 4011 quad switch chip to turn on the external sound sources. This is the beginning of an attempt to try to interface with different musicians setups, so you could plug in your own instruments to this particular machine.Next steps are to test out if the individual steps can be activated with light via photo diodes and ways to manipulate the rhythms and clock features to create more chaotic and randomised possibilities.

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