Announcing R+D Funding for Noise Machines

We are pleased to announce our 6 month R&D project to develop our Noise Machines. Funded by Innovate UK we will be working in collaboration with Brighter Sound and a whole host of electronic musicians and interdisciplinary artists to road test and develop the modules. These machines are synthesizer units such as drones, delays and sequencers that include light theremin circuitry. Our study question is …

“How can light-noise synthesizers expand the creative possibilities of using light and gesture in performance and music making”

stacked-noise-machine-image-brighter-soundFor the first stage we will be looking at the sonic features of the machines; we are putting together a crack team of Manchester musicians to road test the modules with focus groups happening in Oct/Nov at Brighter Sound. Phase two will be testing out the light and gesture parameters with VJs, dancers, coders, film and light artists. Throughout the study we are undertaking industry research, expanding our networks and visiting trade fairs. We will also be going to STEIM in Amsterdam for a research stage in the development about creative interfaces and we will work towards a final demonstration at Texture in Manchester.

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