Sound and sculpture

So far we have been enclosing circuits into boxes, making the circuits playable and crucially turing them into …. THINGS. We are now starting to explore shape and form with an aim to develop our Noise Orchestra aesthetic so our sculptures and potentially products have a specific look and feel. Inspired by constructivist and bauhaus principles we are considering the function of our object and what materials are best placed to construct this. Working with the inherent properties of the materials to determine shape and form but also how the objects will be usable and function. Some of our questions are…

  • What do we want it to do
  • What materials are best suited for a light theremin; for example do we want to work with different panes of coloured perspex to create a range of tones?
  • Resonance; are the materials we aer using resonant? is this important for the product or just for an installation
  • Enclosing the circuits. How to best workin with circuitry and materials

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